Simple and friendly user interface to add medicine

Quick and simple. Only three required fields to easily add a new medicine alert. You may enter a medicine name that make sense to you. For example, enter pain killer or headache pill instead of the full medicine name that you’ve never heard of; e.g. paracetamol. You can also add a medicine photo, the medicine form (tablet, capsule, gel tab etc.) and an instruction to remind yourself something that you need to do when taking a certain medicine. For example, take with warm water, do not crush, or do not lie down within 30min after taking a certain medicine.

Able to add medicine photo by taking picture of the medicine

You are able to take your own medicine photos using your phone. Take and show your medicine photo the way you like it – after, all this is your medication reminder. So make it easy for yourself to help you ensure that you are taking the right medicine.

Able to add Blood Glucose Level, Blood Pressure and Weight & Height

You can record your Blood Sugar Level, Blood Pressure and Weight & Height on AiHealth. Your recorded data is then nicely presented to you in a graphs, allowing you to see how your health is progressing.

Assist friends or family members or be assisted

Your friends or family members can help manage your medicine list and remind you if you have missed a medicine. An alert will be sent to the person who help manage your medication if a medication was missed. Your friends or family can then contact you to ensure that you are alright. With AiHealth you know that you are not alone and that someone is always caring for you, keeping an eye out on your well beings.