Sharing some of my code in Github.

It’s difficult to exactly describe what this code does. So I’ll just show it.

Let say you want to create a custom menu/setting with table view which looks like below. It’s not too difficult.

The difficulty comes when you start to show and hide different rows like here which I hide “Remove advertising” because the user’s already purchased that option and would not need it in the future.


















And here is another case where I want extra rows to show up after user purchase “Dropbox Sync” option. To program such logic manually would require lots of if and switch logic and it mesh up my head a bit.

This is a simple case of just swapping the row with a different row to show sync progress. By using the DCCustomTableView. All these logic can be done more easily. Read the code of how it’s implemented

Sum Machine

A bit of history on why I decided to create this app. I was shopping with my wife for one of those deals supermarket gives sometime. The deal is to purchase $150 worth of stuff and they will give us 10x points, which worth around 10% of whatever we bought. So we were putting things into the trolley and soon realize we have no idea how much we have purchased. I managed to find some app which is similar to Sum Machine but the user interface was just horrible to use. It had worked for that particular occasion but definitely not ideal.

So I can think of some situation where one would like Sum Machine. Shopping as mention before. Inventory control for small businesses and households. Add up cost for budgeting. Many many uses.

I know I will be using the app myself in many occasions and hence I designed it to be something I will want to use. With the custom keyboard and quick tap editing, I could very quickly add up things and save them and email them to myself to import into Excel.

So I hope this app is useful for others out there too. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestion, I would love to hear it.

Sum Machine

New website

Took a while for me to get this website going. Mainly because I don’t know what to do. I managed to write 3 apps in the mean time but only just managed to get this website into a reasonable stage. Hopefully this is a pleasant enough website and more user will find my apps.

Offline Browser

Offline browser was initially written for myself overnight in a hotel room and was ready to use the next day.

I was at a conference and they give out electronic program book which I would like to use on my iPad. Sounds very simple right? It’s just a big website which I have to copy into my iPad to use. But it turns out to be a rather difficult task and I didn’t managed to find anything in the app store.

So what was I gonna do? I wrote the app overnight and use it the next day during the conference. It was great! I was walking around with the program on my iPad while everyone else were awkwardly trying to balance their laptop and holding coffee.

I polished up the app after the conference and put it in the app store. I also had feedback from someone who purchased it. He is a graphics designer/photographer and uses it to show off his online portfolio while offline. He would just bring his iPad along to client sites and show off his portfolio without having to rely on internet connection. I think that’s a brilliant idea!

Hopefully, this will help conference visitors in general and also for artist to show off their portfolio.

Offline Browser

Foreign Dictionary

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to visit Paris and needed a french dictionary. I search high and low and couldn’t find anything decent that was free. To me, paying for dictionaries doesn’t make sense because they are free on your computer, on all dictionary website etc. Plus, most of the dictionaries available needed network connection to work properly.

So I decided to create my own. I search for an open source dictionary source and went from there. It was not an easy task developing apps. But I managed to get it done and applied the same for 15 languages.

1 week after I release the app into the app store, the Greek<->English hit #1 place for What’s Hot list in the Greek App store. It was great news because now there’s more than 10,000 Greek<->English dictionaries out there being used by the people. It turns out that this dictionary was better than most commercial Greek to English dictionary according to feedback.

I’m very glad that this has helped many people. I’ve received many more feedback on how people appreciate these dictionaries. Although it is not a financial success, I’m still glad to have developed it. Plus, it would be the basis for my next language ebook reader app.

Go check out how many flags you recognize~

Foreign <-> English Dictionaries

First app!








I’ve just submitted my first application. A free French-English dictionary. Can’t wait for it to get approved and let others download!