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on September 18, 2016

Recently I rediscovered a coding exercise app. Exercism. It’s a CLI tool that downloads one exercise at a time. It has exercise for over 30 programming languages. Each problem typically contains a README file and a test file like below exercise.spec.js For ES6 or ECMAScript will have the language specific files package.json gulpfile.js Once you’ve completed the coding exercise, you can run the test and makes sure all the tests passed.

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Icon and launch image for React Native

on September 14, 2016

I recently had to put icons and launch (splash) screen image into my React Native app and was looking for a good tool do it. After trying out many tools either on the web or scripted apps, I found Ionic to give me to easiest solution. Here is the page that explains how it works. So to do this. You’ll need to install Ionic. npm install -g cordova ionic Then create a dummy ionic project ionic start myApp tabs Add both android and ios platform ionic platform add ios ionic platform add android Then you can put your icon and splashscreen image into the resources folder then run ionic resources and Ionic will generate all the images you need.

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on September 6, 2016

Source available on Github

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Relay with drawer

on September 5, 2016

Relay is a good technology to use in combination with GraphQL for React Native. However, because of the way it is implemented, it is very difficult to use. One of the main problem with Relay is the use of Babel Relay Plugin. This plugin is necessary for Relay to be able to convert Relay.QL statement into pure JS. I was having the hardest time trying to get Relay working with React Native Drawer because of this plugin.

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